The Canoe Kayak Canada Alumni Council (CKCAC) is the first Alumni group to represents Canoe Kayak Canada (CKC). The CKC Alumni Council (CKCAC) is an external volunteer group in support of the larger community of paddling alumni’s role within Canoe Kayak Canada.  The CKCAC provides counsel to the CEO and offers advice on engaging and strengthening alumni relationships and program development pertaining to the CKC Alumni program.  The CKCAC seeks to increase awareness of the many services available to alumni through CKC, to encourage a larger and more diverse participation in the programs offered through CKC, and to initiate new ways to communicate and engage with CKC’s growing alumni population.




LA Dempster

My name is LA Dempster (Young), I have been a National team member, Olympian, coach, paddling parent, and now a volunteer in the administrative side of the sport.


I presently sit on the board of the Atlantic Division as Chair of National and International regattas, I am co-chairing the 2018 Pan American Sprint Championships, co-chairing a bid to bring the 2022 World Championships to Dartmouth, and I Chair the Alumni Council of Canoe Kayak Canada.

The alumni has been an initiative that has been talked about for many years, so I am thrilled to be a part of this very important first step.  Reconnecting with my paddling friends of the past, connecting with our present athletes has exceeded my expectations and only increased my love of this great sport.  I look forward to what the future holds, together we are all the part of something big, this is our sport family…. let’s make it great!!!


Kathleen Fraser

It was in December 2009 that KC Fraser decided to make one final run at making the National Team. She already had many national championship medals to her credit, but with a newfound sense of motivation and the guidance of coach Peter Martinek, she achieved her goal in half a year. Showing continual improvement, Fraser won her first World Cup medal, a bronze in the K-2 200m with Genevieve Orton in 2011.

At the 2011 Pan American Games she was a member of the K-4 500m gold medal crew. She just missed out on qualifying for the lone Canadian women’s kayak berth at London 2012. Fraser began the next season with four World Cup medals in K-2 and K-4 events and capped it with a sixth place finish in the K-4 500m at the 2013 World Championships, Canada best result in the event in a decade. In 2014 she won a World Cup silver medal in the K-2 1000m and competed in both the K-4 500m and K-2 500m at the world championships.

Returning to the Pan American Games in 2015, Fraser was a member of the K-4 500m crew that won gold for Canada’s first medal of the home Games. In 2016 she teamed with Orton to qualify Canada for Rio 2016 in the K-2 500m by winning the Pan American Continental Qualifier. The duo then had to win a national race-off to finally secure their Olympic spots.

She started paddling at 14 at a summer program at Pointe-Claire Canoe Club. Her mother wanted to keep her out of trouble by enrolling her in as many sports as possible… She quickly discovered it was a sport she was passionate about and having fun with; could see herself being able to go far in it. Olympic dream began when she saw an Olympian at her own paddling club…

Her favourite motto: “Get out of your comfort zone”…


Mike Scarola
Treasurer and Revenue Generation lead

There is no bio for the moment, come back later…


Darryl Bohm
Active For Life lead

I am leading the “Opportunities to stay involved within the sport” initiative of the Alumni program. My objective is to keep the Alumni active within the paddling community. Some of the opportunities may be to; assist CKC, Divisional and Club event organisers source volunteers from the Alumni (this is a great way to give back to the sport), explore the possibilities that the Alumni can participate in the sport they love (i.e. look at the various disciplines and motivate Alumni to stay active and healthy while still enjoying paddling), engage the Alumni in informative / motivational / educational events to pass on their experience to the younger members of CKC.

Please feel free to contact me at with any ideas / input / suggestions.

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Kenna Robins
Events lead

I started paddling at the age 10 after following my brothers since i was 5 years old to the Rideau Canoe Club.
I competed at the 1989 Canada Games and 1991 Junior World Championships. Then, I was Head Coach at Rideau Canoe Club 1999-2003, National Team Coach for CanoeKayak Canada 2005-2014. I have always been involved with CKC and I am currently employed with the Canadian Olympic Committee.




Gabriel Beauchesne-Sévigny
Networking lead

Photo: Martin Girard Shoot Studio

The CKCAC is to me a chance to give back to a sport. I paddled for twenty years; canoe kayak is a huge part of my life. I want to share my experience and support the national organization that is Canoe Kayak Canada.

My motivation is to stay in touch with people with whom I have a lot in common. The role of my Networking Committee is to first contact, gather and grow the network of CKC Alumni. It is very exciting for me to aspire to bring together all those who share a passion for paddling in Canada.

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Gavin Maxwell
Mentorship lead

I paddled for the Burloak Canoe Club and was on the national team for 8 yrs.  Competitive highlights include, 4 world championships C-4 and C-1, 2 bronze medals C-2 1991 Pan am games, semi finalist C-1000m at 1996 Olympic Games.

After retiring from sport, I served on the domestic development committee and was athlete representative for Canoe at Athletes Can.

Currently living in Nanaimo, British Columbia I work as a Chiropractor.



Laura Clemenhagen
Communications lead

Laura Clemenhagen didn’t learn about the sport of Canoe Kayak until her Dad took her down to what he thought was the Don Rowing Club and they ended up at the Mississauga Canoe Club by accident.

She joined right away and fell in love with the sport instantly. Being a female Canoer and a coach in the 90’s and  early 2000’s has been one of the most significant factors influencing the person she is today and she owes so much to the sport of Canoe Kayak and to all of her coaches, friends and teammates that she met along way. Later in life, Laura was a member of the Women’s Dragon Boat Team, travelling to Poland, Germany and Australia. When she moved to British Columbia, she fell into another discipline and learned all about paddling on the ocean in Outrigger Canoes and Surfskis.

Laura has recently moved back home to Ontario and is currently Commodore at the Collingwood Dragon Boat and Canoe Club. She was thrilled to learn about the CKC’s initiative to form an Alumni Council and has been deeply honoured to be selected as an inaugural member. Her current roles will be in Communication and Resource Development and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the sport that has meant so much to her.


Stephanie Murphy

I decided to join the CKCAC to help keep people my age in the sport longer.

This could either be through recruiting those looking to paddle, but not necessarily compete, or those looking to get back into the sport but don’t know where to go or what club to join.

Reaching out to those who are in a constant state of “semi-retirement” from paddling, as I like to say, will hopefully result in more engagement and higher numbers at the amateur/masters level.

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Madeleine Hall

Paddling has enriched my life in so many ways, especially giving me the opportunity to forge so many wonderful friendships from across Canada.

I believe that the paddling community is unique and full of potential of all sorts. We come from all walks of life and the paddling brings us together on an equal footing. All we need is a boat and a body of water!


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Don McKenzie

I competed in the 60s’ and early 70s and have been the National Team physician since 1981, way too long.





Gary Barton

Gary Barton – a life-long paddler, is a teacher who  lives in Guelph, Ontario with his wife and 3 daughters. Competed internationally as a member of the Canadian Slalom team for 10 years.

Started paddling around age 11 in the UK through scouts and school. Raced slalom with Chester Sailing and Canoe Club moving through the ranks to the top division quickly. Moved to Oshawa, Ontario in 1975 at age 16 and joined the local Ontario white water racing fraternity. That year racing at the Canadian Nationals and in international events in Jonquiere, QC and on the Savage River, MD.

Attending World Championships in 1977, 1981, 1983 and 1985. Coaching activities include 1979 Slalom Team Coach, 1983 writing the first NCCP Technical Level 1 Manual, 1986 Junior National Slalom Team Coach, 1987 National Downriver Coach, 1988 – 1991 National Slalom Coach, 1992 Olympic Team Coach. Volunteer 1996 Olympic Games – technician – “field of play.” Was one of the group of paddlers who helped build the Minden Wild Water Preserve. More recently worked to see the inclusion of slalom into 2015 Pan-Am Games.

Former business owner 1984 – 2001 of The Upstream Edge, Bluewater Canoes and Rockwood Outfitters – designing and manufacturing canoes and kayaks. Products included a wide range of tripping canoes, sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, sprint K-1s, marathon canoes as well as slalom boats supplied to many national teams.

Likes to stay active through skiing X-C and downhill, cycling. Still paddling regularly for fitness and fun, including family canoe and kayak tripping, running rivers well as recreational slalom.

Role in the CKCAC is to be the link to the white water community and to foster connections between former and present paddlers.


Rick Fair

Rick Fair graduated with a Bachelor of Arts / Kinesiology degree as well as a Bachelor of Education degree.

He is a former competitive paddler with Gananoque Canoe Club and Rideau Canoe Club 1968-1991 and current Master paddler 1995+ with the Cheema Aquatic Club.

Rick coached at Rideau 1978-1988; worked with National Team in coaching and team management role and attended World Championships in 1983, 1985, 1998 and Jr. Worlds 1987. He also attended Barcelona Olympics 1992 with former RCC Olympian and World medallistpaddler Renn Critchlow.

Rick volunteered and was a committee member for World Canoe and Kayak Championships in Dartmouth 1997 and 2009.

He is also the former High Performance Director for both Cheema and Atlantic Division, former Flag Officer Atlantic Division, former member of CKC Domestic Development Committee and of CKC Sprint Racing Council and is current member of CKC Human Resources Committee.