Dagger New Wave Program 2019

By Tim Shaw


We often hear stories of epics and drama on the river. These epics are often due to the paddlers involved learning a crucial lesson the hard way. It does not have to be this way for our young paddlers.



Aquabatics Calgary has teamed up with Dagger to produce the New wave program. The program aims to teach and coach up and coming paddlers to make good decisions on the river. Our goal is not only to make them great paddlers. But more importantly great people to paddle with.



To do this we have created a 7-day program based in the mountains of Canada’s British Columbia. Over the 7 days paddlers will learn from Senior Aquabatics instructors and a Dagger Team Athlete. Key outcomes are: Team Work, scouting and decision making, trip planning, leadership on and off the water, paddling skills on more challenging white water, and most importantly cooking!

The program was developed after we created and ran a 2-summer long program for a group of keen up and coming paddlers in Canmore. This came about after a group of concerned parents wanted to make sure that their kids had all the tools necessary to paddle at the level, they knew was enviable.

This was super successful, on completion of the program the crew was a tight nit team making great decisions on and off the water. The New Wave Program has been born out of this model and had its first successful trip in 2018.

We are stoked to be running the program again this summer in 2019! Check out the video and follow this link to sign up

See you on the water!