The Paddles Up is back

By Canoe Kayak Canada


After 10 years without the Paddles Up, CKC is proud to bringing this magazine back to life again as CKC’s official new online blog.

The Paddles Up is an online magazine about canoe and kayak culture. Whether you paddle as a competitive paddler or you are passionate about paddling sports, this website is for you!

Canoe Kayak Canada is the national sport organisation for paddling sports in Canada and counts a total of 11 disciplines: Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe, Canoe Marathon, Dragon Boat, Canoe Ocean Racing, Stand Up Paddling, Canoe Slalom, Canoe Polo, Wildwater Canoeing, Canoe Freestyle and Canoe Sailing.

We believe that Canoe and Kayak is the sport for all Canadian families, communities and champions. Since each paddle sport and each paddler is unique, we believe sharing different ideas, stories, adventures and memories is worthwhile!

Everyone involved with Canoe Kayak Canada is passionate about paddling, canoe or kayak, which is why we decided to bring the Paddles Up back to life again and created this platform to share stories, memories, athletes dreams, adventures, awesome paddling spots, pictures, videos and more!

Our focus is our community and we want to encourage Canadians to enjoy the sport of paddling and achieve success at all levels of competition.

We support the dedication and commitment to paddling at all levels. We embrace the thrill of personal accomplishment and the joy of paddling.

We are united in purpose while respecting the unique ways that people contribute to our sport. We share openly to support our collective progress towards our goals.

We strive for excellence in our organization, our people and our performance. We celebrate the rich history of paddling and recognize our successes.

We create a safe environment for all people. We welcome all abilities and all disciplines connecting our diverse cultures and perspectives. We promote lifelong healthy active living.

We stand up for what is right. We foster a mindset that cherishes and rewards fair play for all involved. We are committed to instilling a culture of trust and accountability.



The Paddles Up is all about our passion for canoe kayak and we want to hear from you! We want you to share your stories, adventures, accomplishments, your memories, your thrills and your passion!

Submit your stories and CKC will share it to the whole paddling community. Whether you are a CKC member, a CKC Alumni, an Athlete or even a member of the paddling community, we want you to work with us sharing your passion for canoe kayak!


Visit the ABOUT page to learn more about the Paddles Up and to find out who is behind this initiative!

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